The Hardest Part of Building a DAO Isn’t What You Think


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So you need to begin a DAO? Why not? All the cool youngsters are doing it. Like “blockchain” and “DeFi” earlier than it, DAOs have turn out to be a buzzword within the crypto trade.

And they’re elevating cash at a feverish clip. ConstitutionDAO raised simply over $45 million in an try to purchase a replica of the U.S. Constitution. More just lately, FreeRossDAO raised $12 million to win the Ross Ulbricht NFT assortment public sale.

The technical strategy of beginning a DAO isn’t extremely tough:

Draft a mission assertion.
Spin up a Discord server.
Invite individuals to affix.
Launch a governance token.
Use Snapshot and different instruments for voting and logging member contributions.

The arduous half is scaling it.

“It’s extremely easy to launch a DAO,” mentioned Eric Arsenault, head of ecosystem at NFT market Rarible and a core contributor to Rarible DAO. “The more durable features of launching a DAO are forming the cultural norms, processes, and accountability instruments which are important for achievement. Having a dedicated group of contributors is important.” 

What is a DAO?

Let’s take a step again for anybody new to DAO-land. DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) are on-line teams that use sensible contracts to handle member participation, voting, funding, and extra. While conventional company buildings resemble a tower, with a choose few on the high and the bulk within the center or the underside, DAOs unfold out like a web and provides all members a say in decision-making. 

The most well-known (and now notorious) DAO, known as The DAO, was constructed on Ethereum in 2016 and promptly grew to become the sufferer of an enormous hack of three.6 million ETH (value round $50 million on the time). The DAO ended its run after a tough fork of the Ethereum blockchain that resulted in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic turning into two distinct blockchains and successfully rolled again the Ethereum chain to earlier than The DAO hack.

Since then, DAOs have multiplied and matured. DAOs allow individuals, teams, and companies to prepare and function with out a government, sometimes based mostly round a token because the financial incentive. There are NFT (non-fungible token) funding DAOs, style DAOs, media DAOs, and even DAOs for curating instruments to assist different DAOs

Challenges dealing with DAOs

DAOs rely closely on neighborhood participation to develop and thrive. Without constant member participation, a DAO dries up like a plant that wants water.

API3‘s neighborhood supervisor, who goes by Midhav on Twitter, says stagnation is a major problem each DAO faces. “Over time, interest tapers off along with the general sentiment around DeFi and oracles,” Midhav mentioned. “This general trend was reflected across other community outreach programs and goes to show that no amount of proactive outreach efforts can keep people engaged when their attention spans are naturally attuned to the craziness of the rest of the industry.”

Indeed, whereas NFTs have gained a lot of the mainstream media highlight in 2021, DAOs have continued to construct and develop. And the 2 subjects typically overlap: Many of the largest DAOs deal with creating or buying NFTs.

According to the monitoring web site DAOlist, there at the moment are over 100 DAOs, most of them utilizing the chat app Discord as their residence base, by far the most well-liked social networking platform for organizing DAOs. 

A Discord server can assist a whole lot of channels with hundreds of customers, assisted by programmable bots. DAOs use varied channels to direct member questions, assign roles and duties, and host neighborhood occasions, constructing an internet neighborhood and shared tradition across the DAO.

“DAOs are like a cultural system of beliefs,” mentioned SuperDAO’s Yury Lifshits. “Some will fulfill all of those beliefs and some will not.”

Lifshits, co-founder of the messenger app Openland, launched SuperDAO earlier this yr, and raised $1 million in pre-seed funding in October to go towards the SuperDAO working system. He believes DAOs want a template to simplify creation and group; he calls SuperDAO an working system for DAOs, together with assist for core apps (member updates, spending administration) and third-party apps. 

“I was inspired by the potential of NFTs and DAOs,” Lifshits mentioned, “I see a lot of comparisons because Openland, at its heart, is a platform for chat communities. DAOs are communities with shared bank accounts. They basically are the next better version of communities.”

“DAOs are communities with shared bank accounts. They basically are the next better version of communities.”

Lifshits predicts that as DAOs turn out to be extra commonplace, we’ll see three major organizational focus areas that evolve. The first is the usage of blockchain, for storing primary info like wallets containing tokens and sensible contract data. The second is the possession desk, which information all individuals concerned with the DAO and their roles. The third is the apps for companies like payroll, bookkeeping, taxes, voting, bounty, and incentive packages.

Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee, one of many principals behind the Global Design Network (GDN) DAO, believes it is important to signify and incentivize members’ contributions appropriately, having them work towards larger ranges of accountability and affect whereas maintaining the DAO dynamic.

“There aren’t any great tools that exist on the market that allow us to better automate this structure,” MacKinnon-Lee mentioned. “So as we grow to the next 500 to 1,000 members the manual processes required are going to start taking a bigger toll in both time and coordination.” 

Currently, DAOlist says the biggest energetic DAO by asset beneath administration is Uniswap, at round $3.3 billion with over 83,000 members.

MacKinnon-Lee says that even with bots, it nonetheless requires motivating members to work together with bots and successfully make updates, invite and onboard new members, and manage voting and fundraising. Using sensible contracts for voting is nice, however getting members to actively interact with one another is even higher. 

Arsenault of Rarible provides that forming a DAO in any top-down style is detrimental to its well being. If members don’t really feel they’ve sufficient of a voice, your DAO will die.

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