Beldex On-Chain Scalability: Bucephalus POS Upgrade


Beldex is a privateness cryptocurrency that was launched in 2018 with the purpose of making the primary privacy-based crypto ecosystem.

Beldex was created with the requirement for anonymity and untraceability within the cryptocurrency realm. On December 10, Beldex will incorporate Bucephalus Hard Fork.

Validating blocks within the Beldex PoS chain is completed by masternodes. The change in PoS consensus will improve block rewards, lower block time, and velocity up transactions per second (TPS). Beldex masternodes are well-known for staking and amassing passive earnings within the type of BDX block rewards.

Blockchain transparency

Blockchains are digital ledgers and thus they’re clear. They maintain the copy of transactions constituted of one peer to a different. Blockchain will retailer your entire copy of transactions which are made by the community.

Blockchain improves the trustability, safety, and transparency of transactions. However, transparency results in traceability since corporations like Chainalysis can carry out temporal blockchain evaluation to hint and detect patterns in transactions which offers details about the real-world identities of the transactors.

As blockchains improve in dimension, they take up extra space on the onerous drive, and with adoption resulting in congestion, it turns into redundant. Massive storage is required, and the bigger the blockchain, the extra power is required for the nodes to course of transactions, thereby affecting its scalability.


Several blockchain networks make the most of Proof of Work, though it hasn’t been very environment friendly. As the community expands, extra miners be a part of the mining course of, and the mining or validating a block turns into tough accordingly. As a outcome, miners will compete contained in the community with different miners to validate blocks earlier than others. Furthermore, the {hardware} wants and energy consumption of PoW networks are so giant that they’ve develop into a supply of concern for the surroundings.

So, overcome all these issues? We want an ideal system that may scale whereas retaining safety and decentralization. 

Beldex: addressing traceability and scalability 

By utilizing the Cryptonote protocol in addition to shifting from PoW to PoS consensus, Beldex addresses traceability, and scalability. 

How Beldex prevents traceability 

Beldex is a privateness cryptocurrency growing the primary personal dApp ecosystem Beldex transactions improve the privateness of customers by limiting transparency whereas sustaining safety, utilizing the Cryptonote protocol. Transactions are personal, masks the sender and receiver id, and the transacted quantity. Special nodes referred to as masternodes confirm transactions by equating the blended inputs to the entire outputs. 

Ring signatures

It is used to hide the sender by combining the sender’s enter with the inputs of a number of different inputs. As a outcome, the sender’s id is obscured and nearly unattainable to deanonymize.


It permits the inputs and outputs of a hoop transaction to be verified with out the details about the precise quantity. As a outcome, the quantity despatched by the sender is unintelligible and effectively hidden.

Stealth addresses

It safeguards the receiver’s id. The stealth deal with is an included deal with that may be shared with the receiver. Since the stealth deal with is a one-time deal with, it can’t be utilized in temporal and blockchain evaluation. Therefore, the sender’s anonymity is protected. Any funds despatched to the stealth deal with will mirror on the major deal with. 

Scaling with Adoption

Beldex chain presently works on the POW consensus, the place miners construct the blocks and masternodes validate them. The present POW block rewards are 2 BDX, that are shared by each miners and masternodes. Though Beldex makes use of the Cryptonight heavy hashing algorithm that makes it tough for ASIC and GPU miners to monopolize the community, POW introduces different complexities when it comes to scalability. The community dimension would improve with adoption, and so transactions would take longer to be confirmed on-chain. To remedy this, 

Bucephalus onerous fork 

Beldex will transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake on December 10, 2021. It will probably be a major occasion by which the POW chain will not be useful, thus eradicating the necessity for miners. The community will probably be secured by Masternodes, which can create and validate blocks. 

At the peak of 742421, the PoS consensus mechanism will develop into operational. Proof of Stake scales the Beldex chain by lowering the transaction dimension, lowering block technology time, and thereby rising TPS. The transition additionally aids in enhancing blockchain safety by decentralization. The barrier to community participation is considerably decreased as anybody with a minimal stake within the community can develop into validator.

Block time is decreased from 120 seconds to 30 seconds, thus the brand new chain creates blocks 4X sooner. The block rewards will improve to 10 BDX from 2 BDX. The masternode operators will obtain 6.25 BDX or 62.5% of the brand new block rewards, with the remaining 37.5% allotted to governance. Thus, masternode passive rewards will improve by 212.5%Flash second layer on the spot transactions to be rolled out.

Building Privacy dApps

Beldex is constructing the primary privacy-based crypto ecosystem with DApps resembling:


BChat is a decentralized, encrypted, personal messenger that sends messages securely by the Beldex community. Messages despatched utilizing BChat are routed over through Masternodes. BChat doesn’t acquire or retailer metadata. Because masternodes function storage servers in BChat, an information breach is just about unattainable. Your personal communications will strictly stay personal.


The Beldex blockchain powers BelNet, a decentralized peer-to-peer VPN service. It is a blockchain-based VPN that’s each safe and proof against censorship. BelNet app will use Masternodes to route site visitors and anonymize your looking exercise. 

Beldex browser:

The Beldex personal internet browser is a decentralized utility constructed on the Beldex community. It is an ad-free browser that doesn’t observe or retailer details about the web sites you go to. 

Masternode staking: earn passive earnings by Staking BDX

Beldex Masternodes are well-known for staking and amassing passive income within the type of BDX rewards, whereas additionally functioning as a storage server in BChat and a router in BelNet.

To develop into a Beldex masternode validator, you’ll be able to merely arrange a masternode utilizing this information. The minimal required collateral is 10000 BDX.

Users can even stake by masternode swimming pools and remotely host your masternodes. Essentially, this makes it easier to stake BDX by shared staking, the place you’ll be able to stake a lesser quantity and obtain rewards proportional to your stake. Masternode swimming pools help you stake with out having to satisfy the minimal staking standards. Users can even stake by masternode swimming pools and remotely host your masternodes. Essentially, this makes it easier to stake BDX by shared staking, the place you’ll be able to stake a lesser quantity and obtain rewards proportional to your stake. Masternode swimming pools help you stake with out having to satisfy the minimal staking standards. 

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